Chemicals in Baby Products

Chemicals in Baby Products

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The skin is the biggest organ that we have. It does not change in babies; skin is still one of their biggest protectors. You are their biggest protector. Protect them as if their life depends on it because it does.

They cannot do this on their own. Their immune system is still developing.  You must help develop it through healthy foods, safe beauty care and a safe environment. They cannot make these decisions on their own.

Childhood cancer is raising every year. Over 400,000 children a year develop some form of cancer. The experts say they do not know the cause. It is easy to see so many products on the market have cancer causing chemicals inside. We wrote an article about this and you can view it here.

We must start reading and understanding the ingredients on these labels. You must do this for yourself too. You are the protector of your children, so you need to be strong too.

Remember soap strips the natural layer of protection. Cleansing is necessary in the health of all humans to remove debris. When you wash your baby, you remove this layer. Then you use products on the market with cancer causing chemicals on their skin without this layer. The chemicals will be absorbed with no protection.

The human body is strong and our cells will fight but over time they will weaken and mutate.

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Treat your baby's skin and your skin right with our products.

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