Butters Vs Lotions

There is a giant difference between body butters and lotions. The first and main thing is that body butters has no water in the ingredients. Lotions use water as its main ingredient. With most of our waterways being polluted and filtered water not being filter from most chemicals you should be very cautious when choosing lotion.

Our skin is our biggest organ and it will absorb the moisture on its surface. Our skin should be treated with care just as you would with your heart. This organ is the protective barrier between the outside and the inside of your body.

The skin protects us from the elements and microbes. Our skin helps regulate your body temperature and gives us the sensation of touch. Our skin gives us the feeling of hot and cold.

All lotions must include preservatives. Preservatives are used to prevent mold and decay. Most of the commonly used preservatives are bad for your body and skin. Our butters use no preservatives.

From Sakura With Love will sale lotions in the future. When that day comes we will pick the best quality waters and preservatives.