Skin Care 101

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Skin Care 101

Understanding your skin is no easy task but we are here for you. No one has all the answers but our team has worked for years in the skin industry developing products. We decided to skip all the harsh skin damaging chemicals that 90% of the industry uses. There are no chemicals in our butters and our lotions will only have small amounts of needed preservatives.

Treating your skin, what you always will see is cleaning, exfoliating, moisturizing and sun protection. Let us go through these steps.

Cleaning Skin

Cleansing, is always the first step and one of the most important but it must be understood. Most soap will not kill germs. Soap without antibacterial properties will just wash away material that germs can be on. This is a great first step but can leave your skin vulnerable.

You have a natural layer of protection with the oils on your skin. This layer is here to fight off germs. Soap removes this natural defense layer. Cleansing is a must to remove the debris from your skin but soap removes your protective layer. So what do you do?

You cleanse and then moisturize your skin right away.

Exfoliating Skin

Exfoliating, this is a step to be taken depending on your skin condition. Most will never need to do this. We naturally shed skin without help. Exfoliating should be done with care. You can damage your skin if you exfoliate too hard.

You should exfoliate with a good moisture with some skin protection.

Here are our exfoliating, protective and moisturizing products.

Golden Skin

Moisturizing, soap strips your skin of natural moisture. Most soaps dry out your skin. Most soaps use chemicals that dry out our skin. Check the ingredients in your soup, you should use only natural soaps. 

Lotions, if is has water in it that is a lotion. Always remember water equals a lotion. 90% of the skin/hair products on the marker are water based with harsh chemicals. Your skin absorbs water easy.

Combining water with chemicals will make your skin absorb the chemicals faster. This the reason you must constantly apply lotion. Your skin absorbs these cancer causing and skin drying chemicals from every application.

All our body butters moisturizer your skin so you can pick any.

Sun Protection

The last step is sun protection, this step is a must if you are going to be outside for long periods of time. Depending on your skin, how many clothes you have on and what you are doing will determine what type of protection is needed.

Sunscreen is another product on the market that is full of cancer-causing chemicals. There are two types of sunscreens: physical (mineral) and chemical each use a different mechanism for dealing with UV rays.

Physical sunscreens use mineral ingredients like zinc oxide, they sit on top of skin and deflect UV rays. They immediately protect skin no waiting. They protect against UVA and UVB rays.

Chemical sunscreens absorb and convert UV into energy before they can harm skin. You need to put on 20 minutes before you go in the sun

Both sunscreens can have cancer causing chemicals inside.

Check here for a list of these chemicals

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