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Skincare for Men

Men Working in the Mud

Men need to change their lookup on skincare. We know when men hear the word beauty, they associate it with women. It needs to be seen as something important, health. Skin is our biggest organ and must be treated with care and kindness. Throughout your labors of life your skin will get damaged.

Having healthy skin can stop infection, pain, cuts etc. Your skin is your protective barrier from the elements. Your skin has its own immune system. You must keep your skin strong and healthy.

Skin is more than just a beauty statement. Your skin is life.

Male Skin

Male skin is oilier, have bigger pores, and is more like to be prone to impurities and acne. Men also have more pores than women.

From Sakura With Love is here to help in this regard.

Here is the list of male recommended butters:


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